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The Lingo of Micronesia

The main language or dialect used by the people of Micronesian is English. But, this is not the first language they use once born. Commonly, they will deal with their native dialects, which is common to Micronesian, they, later on, will learn the English dialect as a way of communicating with the other nation.They have other native dialects with a total of 18. These are Yapese, Woleaian, Ulithian, Satawalese, Puluwatese, Pohnpeian, Pingelapese, Paafang, Nukuoro, Nguluwan, Ngatik Men's Creole, Namonuito, Mortlockese, Molikese, Kosraean, Kapingamarangi and Chuukese. With the total of people living here, the commonly used traditional languages are Pohnpeian, Kosraean and Chuukese.

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