baja 338Captain Steve has more than 40 years offshore experience.  He plans on sailing the Sea of Cortez, mainland Mexico and Southern California and beyond with friends and family.  Not really a captain, he demands imperfection from both himself and his crew.





baja 244Robby lives in Colorado, but travels the world seeking adventure.  He brings to the crew a great wit, guitar playing and singing, expert fishing skills, finely tuned photographic skills and lots of cigars.





DCIM101GOPROCaptain Jack, a real captain (retired airline pilot) has sailed all his life.  Practically raised on his parent’s thirty foot sailboat (which his mom called “clean camping”) he holds the steadiest course with the best sail trim I’ve ever seen.  Knows his way around the galley too.




Jeff has sailed his entire life but now lives a 1,000 miles from the nearest ocean.  He has more experience in anchoring Matador than any of the crew.  As “anchoring helmsman” he seldom even needs a hand signal.  He has read, and memorized, every electronic instruction manual which has earned him the nickname, “Sparky”.






DCIM101GOPROStephen Andrew (known as Andrew on the West Coast and Stephen on the East – what’s he hiding from) has been both crew and son to Captain Steve since he was very small.  Not afraid to do the heavy lifting, stand any watch, catch any fish he is invaluable to any cruise.




Brett.  If you ever went to the head in the beautiful Islander Yachts you probably thought of Brett.  He made their heads.  A lifelong sailor and a regular on Captain Meyer’s boats, he is in charge of all things electrical, mechanical or magical.





GeoffGeoff joined the offshore crew in 2015, having previously, and continuously, served as Captain Steve’s son in law.  He has raced and crewed with the team for years so was an immediate positive influence.  He is also father to the best grandson and granddaughter ever.